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    Introducing A Unique Accountancy Approach For Contractors

    Our desire to help businesses work easily and efficiently has inspired us to create a unique accountancy approach that can help businesses make their contracting business prosper and boom the easier way. We can provide you the best accountancy solution that can help your business soar high. There are 7 reasons why our clients choose us to make their business grow and mature such as:

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"]The RMIaccountancy EXPERTS For Contractors, Puts More Money In Your Pocket[/blocknumber]

    We specialized in helping businesses grow and manage their contracting business. We also help them lessen or reduce the amount of taxes that they have to pay. Our business tax solutions can help them. We also have a Contractor Guidance Book which can really help businesses with their contracting works.

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"]Three Steps Risk-Free Guarantee Puts Your Mind At Rest And Keeps Us On Our Toes[/blocknumber]

    Our company provides three risk-free guarantee steps to help you save, such as:
    1. Our company offers fixed service fees quoted in advance for the services we offer you. You need not worry about being charged with additional fees.
    2. We strictly observe the turnabout time that we commit to our customers. If we're late because of our own fault, you need not pay us anything. Instead, we'll pay all the fines for late filing and we will also pay for the inconvenience you have experienced amounting to 250 US Pounds.
    3. Our company will give you our best services which is more than your expectations. We also give you the option to decide the fees you'll give for our services.

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"]Easy Payment Plan so You Can Spread Your Costs[/blocknumber]

    Our company has created a payment plan that will not hurt your budget. For instance, you can follow the monthly payment scheme as we manage your cash flow.

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"]Unlimited FREE Support[/blocknumber]

    Our company can provide unlimited services for free. Such services include unlimited emails, unlimited phone calls and unlimited meetings. These are all included in your monthly fee, which is 2,000 US Pounds per year.

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="05" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"] IR35 Reviews for public sector contracts(Free of Charge)[/blocknumber]

    Our company reviews your contract for free. The IR35 review will identify if your contract falls within IR35 legislation. If it does not fall within IR35 you're expected to make a thorough calculation. Our accountant can help you with your calculations and will most likely calculate for you.

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="06" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"]Monthly Newsletter For Contractors Helps You Get Even More Growth & Sales[/blocknumber]

    With our monthly newsletter, businesses can get UK's exceptional services for free. Our newsletter includes 12 pages of brilliant sales-generating and marketing advice for small owner-managed business which is worth 500 US Pounds per year.

    [blocknumber type="circle" text="07" color="#FFF" background="#f16a10"]FREE Business Analysis[/blocknumber]

    Our company offers a free and complete business analysis, which can show you all the opportunities that you can have and enjoy. As a specialist in helping businesses, we offer modern, efficient and cost effective works. Because of these, our customers get the best financial and tax saving advice for a low fee per month.

    Our company doesn't work with just anybody. We work with owners who are ambitious and really want to build a better business. Because of this, we invite you to watch our video to verify if you qualify to be our customers. You can also complete the form or call us at 02036977703.

    Thank you

    Mudassar Iqbal
    Managing Director

  • accountant for TV/film, music, sports and new media sectors.


    Introducing an unique accountancy approach

    We are an accountancy firm that provides an unique accountancy approach to businesses. We have accountancy solutions which businesses are looking for. We have in house forensic accountant, chartered financial advisers and tax advisers to help entrepreneurs to grow and run their businesses comfortably.

    We are specialists in providing accountancy solutions to the following industries.

    TV/Film, Sports, Music and New Media

    RMI Accountancy provides unique accountancy approach to individuals who work in the TV/Film industry, either in front of camera or behind the camera, sports personalities, musicians and individuals who are new to media such as You Tubers, Vloggers and new media entrepreneurs. We provide them with a complete package for all their needs such as accountancy services, tax advice and financial advice.

    Accountants for Contractors and Freelancers

    Our accountancy solutions have helped contractors and freelancers to run their businesses since 2008. We have extensive experience in dealing with contractors and freelancers. We deal with contractors from various industries (IT, Medical, Actor, Media, Sport, Engineering, Banking, Project Management, and Security). We also advice and review IR35 contracts.

    Forensic Accountancy

    Our forensic accounting department specialises in providing expert witness, investigation and litigation support to law firms, corporate, legal professional and insurance companies.

    Our approach is to be responsive, proactive and accessible, delivering high quality, partner-led advice to clients, corporations and legal personnel. It is through our dedication, commitment and focus, together with our experience and contacts that we provide the best possible results for our clients.  

    Fraud Prevention within Corporations

    We believe prevention is better than cure; our dedicated fraud prevention team help corporate organisations to mitigate fraud. We offer a Fraud Prevention Program to corporate organisations which consist of advice, guidance and implementation of compliance and regulatory structures to prevent fraud and cyber crime.

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    RMI Accountancy is the most recommended accountancy firm on the Internet and are the chosen firm for Contractors and Freelancers running their own Limited Company. RMI Accountancy have been providing accountancy services since 2001. We pride ourselves on our service levels, which put us far ahead of our competition. RMI are the only accountants who offer published service commitments with a money back service guarantee.

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    • Company Formation
    • £110.00
    • Comany Formation
    • VAT Registration
    • Paye Registration
    • Free Accountancy Consultancy


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    • Accountancy Package
    • £110.00/ Monthly
    • A Complete Solution
    • For Contractors
    • From Payroll to
    • Year End Accounts and much more