accountant for Sport

  • accountant for TV/film, music, sports and new media sectors.


    Introducing an unique accountancy approach

    We are an accountancy firm that provides an unique accountancy approach to businesses. We have accountancy solutions which businesses are looking for. We have in house forensic accountant, chartered financial advisers and tax advisers to help entrepreneurs to grow and run their businesses comfortably.

    We are specialists in providing accountancy solutions to the following industries.

    TV/Film, Sports, Music and New Media

    RMI Accountancy provides unique accountancy approach to individuals who work in the TV/Film industry, either in front of camera or behind the camera, sports personalities, musicians and individuals who are new to media such as You Tubers, Vloggers and new media entrepreneurs. We provide them with a complete package for all their needs such as accountancy services, tax advice and financial advice.

    Accountants for Contractors and Freelancers

    Our accountancy solutions have helped contractors and freelancers to run their businesses since 2008. We have extensive experience in dealing with contractors and freelancers. We deal with contractors from various industries (IT, Medical, Actor, Media, Sport, Engineering, Banking, Project Management, and Security). We also advice and review IR35 contracts.

    Forensic Accountancy

    Our forensic accounting department specialises in providing expert witness, investigation and litigation support to law firms, corporate, legal professional and insurance companies.

    Our approach is to be responsive, proactive and accessible, delivering high quality, partner-led advice to clients, corporations and legal personnel. It is through our dedication, commitment and focus, together with our experience and contacts that we provide the best possible results for our clients.  

    Fraud Prevention within Corporations

    We believe prevention is better than cure; our dedicated fraud prevention team help corporate organisations to mitigate fraud. We offer a Fraud Prevention Program to corporate organisations which consist of advice, guidance and implementation of compliance and regulatory structures to prevent fraud and cyber crime.