For those in the fields of New Media, Music, TV and Film, work can be all-consuming and leave not much time for anything else. Of course, there are other things that time needs to be made for in anyone’s life, including socialising, health and the sometimes thorny issue of accounts.


At RMI Accountancy, we help our clients to become tax efficient, using the insight we have into the inner-workings of the entertainment industries. The path to financial success in any line of work is most certainly helped by professional help and it begins by becoming a client.


So, if you’re based in around Manchester and you’re in the fields we’ve mentioned, you might be wondering how you go about employing a tax accountant and what’s involved.


The First Meeting


When a client makes initial contact with us, we like to meet them in person to discuss their needs. This is an informal meeting for us to get to know each other and certainly won’t involve any ‘hard sell’. There is absolutely no obligation to take any services, but we hope after a chat with one of our friendly experts, you’ll see the value in what we provide our clients.


If you’d prefer not to meet, or you simply don’t have the time, we can offer a consultation over the phone. To book your appointment, you can call us at our Blue Tower, Media City, Manchester office on 0161 4137958.


The Next Step


If there is a mutual agreement to proceed, then the next step is to discuss what your specific personal requirements are and what your ultimate aspirations are. Having short term and strategic goals really helps to form a plan of action and once this plan has been formalised, we provide all of our clients with a written quote and a proposal of work.

Letter of Engagement


The next step is to to send you a ‘letter of engagement’, which is part of our code of conduct and it details all proposed work and the fees involved. We require proof of identification from you at this point, but you will be prompted when the time comes.



You are then assigned a partner, who will be your principal point of contact. Each one of our professional partners is part of a larger team that has all the required expertise. From this point onwards, you will feel ‘looked after’ and safe in the knowledge that as far as your tax and finances go, you’re covered.


Already Got an Accountant?


Don’t worry if you’re already with an accountant, as we take care of all the necessary correspondence involved in switching over.


There is much more besides, of course, but that will all be explained in good time. So, if you’re in the entertainment industry in any capacity, be it camera operator, musician or TV channel executive, we have the accountancy services to suit your lifestyle perfectly.


If you’d like a no-obligation consultation, you can call us on 01614137958 or visit our website for more information.


Not making the most of your income? Contact RMI Accountancy today. We’re ready and waiting to help you in any way we can.



If you run a business of any kind and you’re looking for accountancy services in the Manchester area, then you may have been wondering which firm to use. Look online and you will see that there are many companies to choose from, all of which will tell you, at length, why you should opt for them.


So, how do you decide?


When it comes to accountancy, there can be no better illustration of how a company should work, than one that can cite the success it has had. At RMI Accountancy, we have a singularly unique approach to business and as part of our operation, we have specialist teams of chartered financial advisers, forensic accountants and tax entrepreneurs with a proven track record in helping our clients’ businesses grow strongly and consistently.


Thanks to our dedication to success and our excellent reputation in the area, we continue to grow rapidly and we have signed two major hotels in the past week alone. And whilst these new clients are not directly in the field of media, it shows that we are name that major companies trust….and when you’re talking about your business’s finances, trust is a necessary commodity.


We operate from our three offices in Manchester, Burnley and London and our expertise is extensive, covering a wide range of specialisms that include:


New Media, Music, Sports & TV/Film - We offer a unique, specialised approach to those who work many facets of the media, from sports personalities to camera operators to new media vloggers, we provide comprehensive services on accountancy, finance and tax advice.

Services for Freelancers and Contractors - Our team of experts have been assisting contractors and freelancers to run their businesses for almost a decade now and we have comprehensive grounding in the particular issues faced in this sector. Our services have been enjoyed by contractors in a range of industries, from IT to Sport, Engineering to Banking, we cover every possible angle for our clients.


Forensic Accountants - We even cover the highly specialised field of forensic accountancy services, offering expert witness, investigation and litigation services to law firms, legal professional, corporate and insurance companies.

Our Success


The success we achieve can be measured in the money that we keep in the pockets of our customers. Using a responsive, accessible and proactive approach and providing high quality partner-led advice, we have been able to help our many clients to become more profitable and financially stable.


This has enabled us to continue to grow year on year and to help more and more businesses achieve their goals. We are a trusted ally to our customers and we can be, to you too.


If you would like to find out more about how you can enjoy that same success, why not call us at our Blue Tower branch in Media City 01614137958 for a chat with one of our friendly experts. Alternatively, you can visit our website


Want the business ‘leg-up’ that a high quality accountancy services can provide? Then choose RMI accountancy, the trusted name with the big brands in Manchester.

Being an effective accountant in any given industry, requires the usual amounts of hard work and dedication, but also, inside knowledge on different spheres of work. TV, Film and media companies have their own set of guidelines, rules and issues faced and knowing that your accountant knows the ins and outs as well as you do, can be very reassuring.


If you are employed in any number of roles within TV, Film or media then you’ll know that it is imperative that you make the most of your time and not to waste any of it worrying about the state of your accounts.


At RMI Accountancy, based in Manchester, London Burnley, we understand the complex issues that companies and individuals in the industry face. Depending on your specific role in the sector, you may have a number of different hurdles to overcome to achieve the kind of financial stability that we all crave:


  • Am I operating in the most tax efficient way possible?
  • How can I best manage my cash flow between contracts?
  • Are there any media related tax allowances I can make use of?
  • What happens if I work abroad as part of my job?
  • How do I collect any owed royalties?


This is just a small selection of the questions we get asked on a regular basis by our clients and knowing the answers to all these queries and more are just part of what we do on a day to day basis.


Not only is it reassuring to know that you’re operating efficiently, but also that you’re operating in compliance with UK tax law. Even those who understand their accounts well enough, do sometimes make errors born out of not having the detailed knowledge that an accountant would.


If you’re worried about the prices involved - don’t! The true cost of an accountant only becomes apparent when you look at what you’ve got after they’ve done their work. Most good accountants will pay for themselves.


But Why choose a TV or Film-specific accountant?


As we mentioned above, there are simply hundreds of aspects to accountancy in TV, Film and Media that need to be fully understood to achieve efficiency of operation for any individual or business.


There are all sorts of tax breaks, allowances and rules in any industry that can only be tapped into if you are aware of them. That’s where we come in. We assess your situation and using our industry savvy, we give you the very best advice around on how to squeeze every last resource out the work that you do.


We have a complete grasp of many different disciplines of tax accountancy, which enables us to offer peace of mind to all of our clients that allows them concentrate on their primary role. If you find that you’re spending time away from your main job of work to deal with your financial situation, then you know that it’s time to look for professional help.


So, if you’re in any of the Media, TV, Film, Sport or Music industries, then we can help. To find out more, we recommend that you give us a call on at our Blue Tower, Media City branch in Manchester on 01614137958 or visit our website for more information.



Keeping a Check on the Fraudulent Activities

There are many people who wish to be successful by indulging into all kinds of fraudulent activities. So, we need professionals who have the necessary qualifications and experience to keep a check on such activities and stop them from happening. There are professional accountants, known as Forensic Accountants, who can be investigators or auditors of the financial and legal documents.  Due to their knowledge and qualification, they can discover if there is any fraud in the documents of a company. Such accountants are hired by companies to make sure that all the documents are correct and in line with the legal requirements.