Save Money with a Fraud Prevention Plan

Fraud is an unpleasant, but all too real paradigm of the modern age. Whether we like it or not, it happens and as a result, we must protect ourselves from personal or financial loss that results from this kind of nefarious activity.

At RMI Accountancy, we offer individuals and organisations services that help to mitigate the risk of fraud, as we believe that prevention is much better than reacting to the problem while it’s happening.

New and existing roles

We work with people and companies involved in the Film and TV industries, so whether you’re in front of or indeed, behind the camera, we can help you avoid being the victim of fraudulent activity. We also cater for the new wave of individuals in the media industry, such as Vloggers and YouTubers. The media industry is in an almost constant state of change and we’re proactively adapting to meet the needs of new and emerging roles in this field of work.

3 Stages of Protection

In order to provide a comprehensive service that leaves all of our clients fully prepared, we employ what we call “3 Stages of Protection”.

1 - Detection

When a new client joins us, we conduct a risk assessment of potential and existing threats to the person or organisation concerned. We use our extensive experience in this field to identify any areas of weakness, which immediately makes the chance of being the victim of fraud that much less likely.

2 - Prevention

Once your risk assessment has been completed, we will recommend a series of preventative measures that will make committing fraud against you or your company, nigh on impossible.

3 - Deterring

When a would-be fraudster attempts to commit a crime against you realises that you’re running a tight ship, they are likely to be deterred from persisting in trying to steal from you altogether.

Huge Cost of Fraud 

According to the largest anti-fraud organisation, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), an organisation will typically lose around 5% of it’s yearly revenue to fraud and for larger companies, this can be a huge sum of money. This figure is higher than most believe possible, but it is true and it is why preventing it is the only sensible course of action to take.

Take action now!

If you have been targeted by fraud or believe that you may be vulnerable to it, then now is the time to take steps to preventing it. Our friendly experts are on hand and able to help you understand all of the determining elements that make all the difference to keeping your hard earned revenue for yourself. Forewarned is forearmed as they say and that has never been more applicable than it is today.

Need help with something discussed here or for any other fraud related issues? Please call us on 0161 4137 958 or visit our website to browse the information in the comfort of your own home.

Fraudsters target the vulnerable. Make sure that when they come up against your prevention measures, they’re put off for good! 


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