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The legal and taxation regime for limited companies continues to change. The main rate of corporation tax commencing 1st April 2016 is 20 per cent.

A limited company model suits all types and sizes of organisations. It offers a number of benefits over the other forms of legal business structures. You may choose to register either as a commercial ('for-profit’) company limited by shares or a non-profit company limited by guarantee. Having limited status provides a number of perks which outweighs those available to the sole trader or contractor who works via the umbrella company route. 

The following shows the advantages of being a limited company.

The principal reasons for setting up and trading as a limited company are limited liability, tax efficiency and professional status. Limited Company status also offers -

  • Higher personal remuneration (salary & dividends)
  • Separate legal identity
  • Credibility and trust
  • Investment and lending opportunities
  • Protecting a company name
  • Pension
  • Splitting income

The disadvantages of being a limited company -

  • Must be officially incorporated at Companies House & a registration fee has to be paid to Companies House.
  • Any changes to the company details must be notified to Companies House immediately.
  • Company name is subject to certain restrictions.
  • Not suitable for undischarged bankrupts or disqualified directors.
  • Must disclose personal and corporate information on public record.
  • Involves complex and time-consuming accounting requirements.
  • May need an accountant to help with your tax affairs.
  • Strict procedures for withdrawing money from the business.
  • Annual accounts and a confirmation statement must be filed at Companies House each year.
  • Company Tax Return and annual accounts must be submitted to HMRC every year.
  • Must adhere to strict record keeping requirements, take minutes of meetings, record all decisions taken by the directors and shareholders.
  • Number of company registers and records must be maintained and made available for public inspection at your registered office.

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